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Being a part of the AMSC Board is a fun opportunity without a huge time commitment and really gets you involved in our awesome soccer community!  We are one of the largest youth organizations in town and it takes a few organized people to make sure its done right. With one regular meeting per month and then duties as assigned (based on role), it's a low-commitment yet highly-rewarding activity to be involved in.  Plus, you'll make your kids proud. :-)  

Do you get paid for this? Sorry, it is 100% volunteer. Each of us have regular jobs, family etc but we do our best to fit this in to give back for our kids and the community. You get an occasional shirt or jacket depending on how long you stay with us.

AMSC has several Board positions as well as volunteer opportunities. Please consider being a part of our team!

Board Positions came be found----------------------------------->>>>>>>>>>>>>>>


Other, great volunteer opportunities include:


League commissioner

Picture Day Leader

Trophy coordinator

Tryout coordinator

Special projects

Spring League coordinator

Contact us at [email protected] for additional information.

Board of Directors

Current Board of Directors - 2019

  • President - Tyler Isaacson
  • Vice President of Recreation - Melanie Schueller
  • Vice President of Travel - Norman Gardel
  • Treasurer - Fred Moltz
  • Secretary/Webmaster -  Kellie Ritter
  • Director of Recreation -Melanie Schuller
  • Director of Travel -Nestor Pagan
  • Director of Equipment/Procurement - Tom Ardent
  • Director of Outreach - Kim Radvanski
  • Director of Field Operations - Chris Cusumano
  • Director of Special Events - Open
  • Director of Fundraising -Open
  • Board of Trustee Rep - Pete Festa

Board Meeting Schedule

2019 Board Meeting Schedule

2nd Tuesday of each month


Meetings are held at 8:30pm in Aberdeen Town Hall unless otherwise noted